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4 July
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a perfect circle, adult swim, alexisonfire, an albatross, armor for sleep, at the drive in, attention whore, audi, bank robbing, bear vs. shark, belt buckles, belts, benton falls, black and white photos, black labs, braid, breaking pangea, bright eyes, building a factory, cars, cereal, clothes, coheed and cambria, coldplay, comedy, comedy central, concerts, converge, copeland, cuddling, cursive, david eddings, death cab for cutie, denali, dillinger escape plan, djembe, doublemint gum, driving, drums, dynamite boy, elliot smith, emo, emo girls, emocore, explosions in the sky, family guy, fire, gilmore girls, girls, good conversation, grammar, graphic design, h2o, hair, halo, hammocks, hardcore, hey mercedes, horse the band, hot water music, hugs, ice cream, indie, internet, iron-on letters, jade tree records, jets to brazil, judaism, killing babies, kissing, last days of april, laughing, local bands, long showers, making tshirts, mars volta, midi, mixtapes, motion city soundtrack, movies, mr allerton, music, new york, ninja turtles, nintendo, no motiv, not doing homework, outdoor survival, painting, pedro the lion, penfold, pessimism, photography, photos, pickup lines, piebald, puma, punk, reading, really long interest lists, recording, red hot chili peppers, rilo kiley, risti, river city high, rufio, rusted root, saves the day, screamo, shoes, shows, silkscreen, ska, sketching, skiing, sleeping, sleeping till noon, slick shoes, small brown bike, snail mail, snow, sparta, stephen lynch, streetlight manifesto, suicide, sunny day real estate, t-shirts, ted leo, teenage mutant ninja turtles, the anniversary, the early november, the fall of troy, the format, the fucking champs, the postal service, the rocket summer, the unicorns, this.is.not.emo, thrashcore, threadless.com, thrice, thursday, tight pants, tool, tsunami bomb, via audio, wet hot american summer, winterfresh gum, writing